Elect Darlene Archibald for your City Council
on October 20th. It's a Saturday.

I am born and raised and I have planted myself in Victoria

I was born at the Jubilee Hospital and had my first music lesson at Craigdarroch Castle, when you could still run up the stairs to the Tower. My parents were married in the Fairfield United Church.

I am one of those people.  Born and raised and never moved away.  I am invested in this city. 

I love green space downtown and in my opinion we need to preserve what little is left.  I love parking at the waters edge. 

I believe we can have progress that everyone can get excited about. 

With community engagement, competent staff and wise people on Council I'm optimistically confident that construction and needed infrastructure improvements can be focused and done quickly with the least disruption to surrounding businesses and residents. 

There are a few projects that could go well or cause more stress and concern to those impacted. I've got my eye on the Crystal Pool project and I'll be speaking with the neighbours of Central Park to capture their concerns. 

I see many signs saying
We Vote central park!
No! To building on greenspace in our park
Yes! to full consultation, full plan. BEFORE we build!

And signs in Fairfield saying:

"If everyone moves to Cook St Village because its a cool place and they build condos and all the little things that make it cool leave, what's the good of that?"
Quote from Gareth Gaudin

I think we may all have progress fatigue.  Stop already. 
Time to catch our breath or at least recover from the last project.

And let's move forward with Confidence that the Community is OnBoard!!