Who I Am

Politics are a wild ride.  Let's see who shows their true colours and get the best people sitting at the council table. 

I am a stand for:

Acceptance, inclusion and accessibility.

Protecting green spaces with natural areas that are well designed.
There are many places to be downtown. And a place to sit is sometimes what is needed.  Especially if we want people to get out of their cars. I had a spinal injury in the 80's so I will still drive, or take the bus, but if I am going to walk around town, as I do love to do, I will need a place to rest every so often and I think a lot of other people need that too. We need to have spaces for people of all ages to be able to play, to relax and be safe. 

Having gentle density work in a way that facilitates community and supports the reality of our young families and our aging population.

Supporting efficient growth done with the least negative impact on surrounding businesses and residents.

There will be an Amalgamation Question on your ballot.
Every neighborhood is unique.  That's why I am not in support of amalgamation between Saanich and Victoria at this time.
I am however, of the belief that looking into how we can amalgamate services and how to have the municipalities work together may be worth your money.  A cost analysis should be done but its kind of like the question, Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

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