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Looking after what we have.
I don't like to bring up the past but I have heard that if we don't learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it. I suggest we do a post-mortem on the projects that have been done in the past 4 years and learn from the successes and the failures.  Especially when those failures caused stress and financial loss to our businesses.  We don't really need to direct staff to do this, Council can take a look. Staff already did the work in many cases and Council didn't follow staffs recommendations. 

As for looking at what was done wrong on the Blue Bridge repair / replacement, I say consider that project done.  We don't need to spend more time and money on it.  It didn't go well.  Let's not repeat that.  

I do support looking at ways that we can move forward with needed  maintenance all over Victoria such as sidewalk repairs and have them done in a focused and timely manner with the least amount of disruption to the shops and residents as possible. 

What is needed is
Transparency Accountability Responsibility and most important of all  ...


That is, doing what you say you will do when you say you will do it.  Or if you aren't going to have it done or be able to do it on time it is best to get into communication with those affected to let them know. 

Challenges of ongoing maintenance
The New Blue Bridge, as an example, ended up costing quite a bit more than expected as engineers cautions were not heeded among other things, too many to list here. As I was reading any information about the planning and execution of that project I can see reasons to be concerned at many stages. 

Its here now, let's look after it.

See Focus on Victoria Magazine  to see what was being talked about along the project timeline.

If you are a real detective, check out the archived webcasts and agendas of the Council & Committee of the Whole Meetings

I believe that a top priority of council moving forward should be to plan, plan, plan, and then move forward on the next big project that may be the new Firehall and/or the replacement of the Crystal Pool.

A reasonable and responsible Council will take care of the treasures we already have, new and old.

We, as citizens of the city need to make sure that the money spent on these big ticket items is not wasted and that they get proper maintenance.

Voting the right people to council will make that difference.

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