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Thank you, I strive to give you the representation you deserve
My campaign is fiscally responsible. I don't see the point of looking fancy to try to appear like I deserve your vote.

I deserve your vote because:

I will be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars.
I will work with the Official Community Plan (OCP) and your Neighbourhood plans.
Soon it will be time to change the plans.  When that process is underway we will do it with as much community imput as we can get to create a vision for the City that we can all be proud of.

If I am elected I will get one vote at the table, on October 20th, make sure that you are only voting for the people you believe will represent your interests.

Simple Contribution rules

Individuals who reside in British Columbia may contribute up to $1200.

Names of people contributing $100 or more will be included in the Campaign Disclosure Statement as required under the Local Government Campaign Financing Act.

Contributions to municipal election campaigns are not tax deductible.

If you would like to use a Cheque, call me and I will come and pick it up. 

Cheques can be made out to:

Darlene Archibald Election Campaign

Making a Political Contribution

Individuals who wish to contribute to my campaign needs to be aware of rules under the Election Act that must be followed. The rules are outlined below and apply for contributions of money, property or services.

Can I make a political contribution?

You can only make a political contribution if you are:

  • a resident of B.C., and
  • either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

An organization is not permitted to make a political contribution or to reimburse an eligible individual for making a political contribution.

What is a political contribution?

A political contribution is any money, property or service provided without compensation by way of donation, advance, discount or otherwise.

It also includes:

  • property or services provided at less than market value, or purchased above market value,
  • membership fees for a political party or constituency association,
  • fees to attend conferences and conventions of a party, including annual general meetings or leadership conventions, and
  • fundraising function tickets purchased for more than $50, or where more than one ticket is purchased.

How much can I contribute?

For 2018, you can give a total of $1,200 to each registered political party, including its candidates, nomination contestants and registered constituency associations. You can also give a maximum of $1,200 to each independent candidate.

Will my contribution be reported publicly?

If you give more than $250 in a reporting period, your name and contribution amount will be published in our Financial Reports and Political Contributions (FRPC) system.

Are there any other restrictions I should know about?

  • Anonymous contributions can only be made under certain circumstances. They must be less than $50 and made at a function held by or on behalf of the organization or individual to whom the contribution is given.
  • Cash contributions must be $100 or less.
  • Contributions over $100 must be made by cheque, money order, credit card, or electronic transfer.
  • Political contributions cannot be made indirectly with money or property of another.
  • There are serious penalties for breaking the political contribution rules established by the Election Act, including monetary penalties of up to double the amount of the contribution made in contravention of the rules.