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Darlene Archibald for City Council in Victoria

I am committed to ensuring our city works for all citizens. 

Many of you may feel like you are busy enough already.  I know when I vote for a council representative I trust them to do the right thing. It is only when things that I don't like or don't understand start happening, that I pay closer attention.  You may be the same way.
Your interests are important. You can count on me to make them known.

Born and raised in Victoria, I am a homeowner, a business owner, parent and grandparent.  I love our city and the people in it.   Over the years I have made many strong connections downtown and it saddens me when I hear people say, "I don't come downtown anymore."

Before running for council I was not a politician, I am a people person.  Now I am stepping forward to bring the voice of our citizens to the table. It is important that Council be aware of the impact their decisions have on people, the environment and the economy of our city.

I bring a sensible fresh voice to the council table and I am committed that council make decisions that facilitate a city that works for all.

As a business owner in the downtown core, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about the city, from it's friendliness to it's key challenges. On a daily basis I hear directly from our citizens about critical issues such as development and construction, homelessness and social isolation. 

Projects such as the Crystal Pool and the new fire hall are particularly getting a lot of attention. The people living around those sites will be impacted with noise and disruption for years. I will work hard to make sure that there is as minimal impact as possible and the completed project is worth it and something we can all be proud of.

My commitment is that our city is a healthy city, a city where everyone thrives. I will work hard to bring your voice to the table and have a city that works for all citizens.

If you are interested in reading the City of Victoria Official Community Plan you can find it at City of Victoria

To find our more about me and my experience    About me

I believe that a city safe for children and our elderly is a city safe for everyone.

Elect Darlene Archibald for your City Council October 20

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I use my Facebook Page to share what's happening at Council Meetings and Committee of the Whole Meetings and thoughts about what we could do as a community to create a city we can all be proud of. All points of view need to be considered.   If you have time to participate in the conversation.  Go There Now